Thursday, 20 October 2011

Reviews and Loves

This is my HOLY GRAIL product...its like bio oil but cream form

The pot is quite small so i wouldn't really suggest this as a full body cream but as a face cream this is AMAZING i put it on before i went to bed when i first bought it and in the morning i noticed a difference. I have wanted to review this for awhile but i wanted to finish the product first (which i have) This reduces the size of existing spots, makes acne scars disappear , evens out skin tone and leaves the skin so soft and bouncy. It says its for dry skin but as you will know i have very oily skin and it does not effect it. It doesn't leave my skin more oily and in fact keeps it a little more balanced I will deffo be repurchasing this product.
This is a product i repurchase time and time again, its cheap and effective there little waxing strips with the shape and wax already done for you all u do is apply to the area and peel off ..its so quick and easy i love them <3 x

My Tiny Room Tour :)

This is what you see when you walk through my door
 My wardrobe is next to my door with College books beside it and a box of random stuff on top
This is my window outlooks the garden. Has a few pictures of me and my boyfriend, Dried flowers and candles.
 Further on from my window is these trio of boxes full of hair products, eyelashes and eye pencil sharpeners. And a few teddies :P
Next to the window, above the boxes i have a mirror and a trio of themed pictures
 My Dresser/Drawers
On top I have My jewellery stand, a little pot with studs and rings and candle holders 
 Above my draws is a little shelf full of day to day things
Next to My bed i have a few pictures going down the wall ..LoOl some fell off 
Then is my bed with a "LOVE" picture above.  
 At the foot of my bed 
 At the foot of my bed i keep my Mac Box and my draws ...this is wear i store my make up
 On top of my draws i have a pic of me with friends, a Buddha money box, a Mac palette, a perfume sample and box containing a bracelet my mum bought me
Lastly above my draws in a little pin board x

Sorry! Please Read

I know that i haven't been blogging lately and I'm so sorry,  i have recently lost quite a few followers. so i thought that id let u know why ... My life is very hectic at the moment, Both My nan & brother have been in hospital so i was visiting them a lot but luckily yesterday they were both discharged, and i work away from home because its quite far so 5 days a week i stay at my boyfriends house as its closer ... I'll try to upload quite a few posts today so that your not still starring at boring posts from weeks ago :) x