Sunday, 31 July 2011

Face of the day!

Face- Mua Matte foundation
          Mac studio sculpt concealer
          Rimmel stay matte powder
          Bright pink blusher (Unknown brand)

Eyes- Collection 2000 extreme 24 felt tip liner
         17 Falsifye mascara
         Barry M blod black waterproof eyeliner

Lips- Jelly belly lip balm
         Mua(Unknown shade) Hotpink
         Sleek lipstick (Naked)

M.U.A Foundation

I recently purchased this Mua foundation in Gentle Fawn ...i tried it for the first time today, and im quite surprised by it ...i have very oily skin so only wear matte/ oil free foundations and i haven't tried one that has left my skin matte through out the whole day ...and neither did this one but judging that it was very hot and i have been running around in the park all day, as well as walking around in hot weather around a food festival it held up very well and i didn't powder while out, it didn't leave me greasy it left me quite dewy. when applying it it was quite thick which doesn't bother me but may not appeal to other people and i would say it gave a medium coverage.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Face of the day!

It was really hot today so i wore minimal makeup..and don't watch the eyebrows... lol letting them grow so the woman in the shop can sort them out, however she wants.

Face- Mac studio sculpt concealer 
        Rimmel stay matte powder
        Mua bronzer (shade 1)
Eyes- La colours liquid liner 
         17 Falsifeye mascara
         Barry M bold black waterproof eyeliner

Lips- Jelly belly lip balm
         17 lipstick (flirty)

Saturday, 23 July 2011


One of the new palettes from MUA's new professional range in "disco ball" my opinion i would deffo grab them all but this palette by far has to be my favourite. It has neutral colours, the colours for both the brown and grey smokey eye as well as more colourful colours. All the colours are very pigmented ...although i would say there are a few colours that have more of a chalky consistency.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Night Sky

  I created this look through boredom ...i was just about to go in the shower and thought i would try this first....i think its really pretty camera doesn't show all the colours very well and makes it look a little bit like a black eye looks a lot better in person ...theres gold, pinks, blues, purples and a lil bit of green  and it reminds me of when its just starting to get dark ..hope u like it x

Monday, 18 July 2011

Mini haul

 I got these few little items that i wouldn't have really blogged about but knowing that i got most of these on a deal i thought it was worth spreading the word i'll start off with the mac studio sculpt concealer as there is nothing much to say it was just a re purchase but ...i got 2 lipliners, a liquid liner , kohl eyeliner and 2 nail polishes by "la colour" in a shop called beauty base it is a new to there shop everything was 99p they had a lot more than i managed to pick up including a range of quad eyeshadow palettes ...i was happy with everything except the black kohl eyeliner the colour pay off was rubbish. I also managed to pick up a new gel eyeliner and mascara by "17" these have only recently came out and right now if you buy the mascara you get the gel liner FREE .. :D .. ok so firstly i was not happy with the mascara the brush is amazing, its huge and does coat all the lashes but my mascara came near enuff empty and im guessing i just had a faulty mascara but as i only brought 1 i cant really say either way i wasn't too impressed ... but with the negatives out the way i do get a really good build able coat of mascara and i think i'll give it another chance so that i can give it more of an honest review. The gel liner on the other hand is amazing so soft and creamy it just glides on and the tub it comes in looks a lil similar to the mac studio sculpt concealer tubs ..not a bad word to say about it and for both (obvs gel liner free) was around £6. The last thing i brought has only just came out and is in limited stores and that is the "barry m" bold black waterproof eyeliner is my favourite buy out of everything ..its so black and it just glides on ...and personally i think its quite similar to the urban decay 24/7 eyeliner in zero ...i just love love love it x

Monday, 11 July 2011

The only thing! (Lil review)

OK! so the only thing i can really blog about is ...nail varnishes, as i am currently not allowed to wear make up (just 1 week 2 go ..yay!) im gonna do a lil review on the asda brand george (nail polish).
Right now in asda there only a pound each :D i piked up 3 new ones.
From left to right (Streamer, starry eyed, sunset orange, natural rose, swoosh, groove)
The nail polishes, are all quick dry ...and they really are they dry in like 40 secs...but they are quite runny and hard to work with...but still only require around 1 or 2 coats depending on the nail polish ..but groove 1 of my recent polishes requires 3 or 4 it applies very thin and is quite time consuming all in all for £1 if your willing to put in a tiny bit of extra effort with painting your nails then grab them while u can ...the colour pay off is very nice!

Here i am wearing sunset orange it is quite a coral-y colour but can be more orange depending on the lighting but regardless it is my favourite nail polish out of my whole collection (well right now anyway) it is a very summery colour and will suit all/most skin colours 

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

No Make Up! ..Day 3

Okay, sooo i have decided to do the 2 week challenge of wearing absolutely no make up. Im going to give my skin the treatment it needs, and YES! i am one of those girls who wear make up every single day. As sad as that sounds it is true, and i feel i should let my skin breathe and i will see if i have better quality skin within these 2 weeks. As i am also a hair straightening addict i have decided to use no heat products on my hair whatsoever as well as using the range of helbal essences beautiful ends collection as my hair is sooo damaged and see if i i notice a difference. This is gonna be hard for me im so tempted to try out some new make up looks but cant...
       wish me luck x