Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Review: CurlFormers

This Review is Long over due ...i Bought this product ages ago but just didn't get around to doing a review.
These are my Curl Formers Which are in Extra long & Wide and come in a packet of 40 and Cost £45. They also come in: Long & Wide
                               Long & Extra wide
                               Long & Narrow
                               Short & Wide
                               Short & Narrow
The Whole point of this product is to achieve a curl created by no heat. (Which it does)
You use the product on damp hair, apply the Curl Former to the wand and attach a piece of hair in the hook, pull out the wand and the Curl Former will stay attached to your hair. It will probably be easier to use if your hair is naturally straight  but as my hair is unruly curls it was a little hard to begin with as some of my hair would wrap around the hook but twisting the root and then putting it into the hook helped a lot. It took around 40 minutes which some people may find long but it takes me around an Hour and 45mins to straighten my hair and i think if you hair is shorter, thinner, and/or straighter than mine then it wouldn't take as long. I slept on mine over night and took it out in the morning (Which i wont lie...was quite uncomfortable) but u could wear them through the day and take them out after a few hours or you could also use a hair dryer (if you wanted)

After you take off the Curl Formers your Left with very Tight Curls, It leaves your hair so shiny and SUPER soft :o (I was seriously surprised)
 You can leave the Curls as they are, separate them with your fingers or brush out for bigger, voluminous curls .....I separated mine with my fingers ....but didn't take a pic sorry x

Overall i LOVE this Product the only negative about this is that its quite uncomfortable to sleep in (I'll figure out something thou) :P x

Monday, 14 November 2011

Review: Volume flash Mascara

I'm very disappointed with the mascara the huge brush led me to buy the mascara but it didn't live up to expectations. The mascara claims "No lash can escape! Scandalous volume, no clumps!" ...From MY experience it did the complete opposite, i didn't achieve volume but i did get quite a lot of length and a few of my lashes stuck together giving me the appearance of less eyelashes and less volume.


Sunday, 13 November 2011

Review! :Eylure eyebrow shapers

                                WARNING!!!  Contains Some Gruesome Pictures
I can't express how much i love this product its just so easy and affective and there only £2.65 

(Sorry for the scary evil looking image ...and i grew out my eyebrows especially for this post)
This is the wax strip is for the top as u can see it defiantly strips the hairs i use about 2 top wax strips and 2 bottom strips on each eye (on average) ...You have to make sure your face is completely free of make up, make sure is freshly cleansed and dry for it to work at its best.
 These are all the eyebrow shapers i used to wax my eyebrows (Left: Top, Right: Bottom) and the bottom ones are great for stray hairs, correcting shape or the tiny unibrow hairs..The only disadvantage i can think of with these is its better for people who prefer a more rounded arch.
 These are my eyebrows after... obviously you can adjust them to your preference but i have a big head so i like mine a little thicker ... I deffo think for less than £3 its worth trying. x

Monday, 7 November 2011

A-Z of Me!

A. Age: 17

B. Bed Size: Single

C. Chore you hate: Washing Up

D. Dogs: (2) Lexi and CoCo <3

E. Essential Start to day: Mint Hot chocolate

F. Favorite Colour: PINK!! 

G. Gold or Silver: I wear more Gold recently 

H. Height: 5ft 10

I. Instruments you play: None 

J. Job Title: Childminder 

k. Kids: None

L. Live: SW london

M. Mothers Name: Cherie

N. Nicknames: Too Many to name

O. Over night hospital stays: None

P. Pet Peeves: Where to start!!

Q. Quote from a Movie: "We're sluts, Emma! We're dirty dirty sluts!"

R. Right or Left Handed: Righty

S. Siblings: 2 little brothers (12 and 14)

T. Time you wake up: 6:45am

U. Underwear: LoOl

V. Vegetables you hate:  Cabbage 

W. What makes you run late: Make-up (Specifically Doin my Mascara) 

X. X-rays you've had: On my head when i developing a blood clot next to my eye after running into some1 else and falling back on to a tree

Y. Yummy Food you make: Brownies

Z. Zoo animals: Seals and Penguins

I Tag every1 who see's it and if you do it then please send a link :)

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

17 Matte Top Coat: Review

I'm aware Matte Top Coats have been out for a while but i never really felt the need to get 1 until now. Because they are so awesome for the Autumn/Winter Time! :D x .... P.S in the following pictures please dont watch my granny fingers ... they were cut Very short For a different product review purpose (which will be coming soon)
Nice size bottle and Only £3.99

 Without the Top Coat

 With The Top Coat on... 
The pictures doesn't do it much justice but it is sooo awesome very Matte almost a frost finish :S (If that makes sense)... I LovED it ... But i slowly became more and more disappointed with the product, it doesn't stay very Matte For long after about an hour or so Some shine starts to Re-appear and as the Hours, Minutes and seconds go by it becomes even Less Matte than before ....The shine isn't as intense and a normal polish on its own with out the Matte Top Coat but isnt the Amazing Matte Finish i fell in love with wen i put it On ... Don't get Me wrong its not a terrible product, i don't hate it i was just a little let down. 
For the price it isn't Too bad and it dries almost instantly but i would say it was worth looking around at others before settling for this one x
 Both of the nail Polishes i was wearing x