Sunday, 26 February 2012

:o Only £2 the MUA ones are originally £2 but walking into Boots the had a £2 tray and i saw the 2 Revlon nail polishes and the Barry M with nothing wrong with them how could i resist ..i also picked up a Bojour eyeshadow from the same £2 section ...and so happy with my purchases id thought i'd share my joy.

I'm not sure if it was just specific boots or all boots have for the spring sale.

 MUA- U R Fab (1 coat)

This Nail polish is amazing the colour is gorgeous and u get opaque coverage with 1 coat

Revlon- Sunshine sparkle (4 Coats)

I'm not sure if its just me but Revlon nail polishes are raved about so much and there quite expensive but i am quite disappointed with them i own about 5 and each one is hard to apply they all are streaky and they all require 3 or more coats and i find them quite runny.

Barry M- Cyan blue (2 Coats)

 Revlon- Coconut Crush (4 Coats)

MUA- U&I (2 Coats)

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

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 Tried to keep to keep it simple (Above picture)..but idk wats wrong with me lately i just cant resist the glitter ...but i did just put it on 1 as a feature nail
Its really hard to photograph the glitter does look alot better in person.
-Revlon (Blue lagoon)
-W7 Silver dazzle

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Valentines Love

So this is a irregular post but as its Mine and my boyfriends 2year anniversary (13th) and Valentines Day (14th).... Just thought id make a post dedicated to my wonderful boyfriend ..whom i don't think i have introduced to my blog before.
I just want to say that I Love my boyfriend so much and appreciate everything he has done for me ...we met through weird circumstances but he and i are perfect for each other, i couldn't ask for a better boyfriend he's helping me over come my illness and is highly supportive of everything i do ... and i just don't think that i show him that i love & appreciate him as much i should do so this post is for him.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

My GlossyBox Finally Arrived!!

Sorry the pix aren't  great I took it on my I Pod I didn't really spend to much time on them as everyone blogs on their glossy box and will get more recognition than this post.

I tend not to post about my glossy box as there's enough posts out there and most glossy boxes tend to be near enough the same ... but reading other peoples posts about there glossy box mine was a little different than most and I'm VERY happy about that.

So i recieved.....
-Eyeko Skinny eyeliner (Emerald Green)-(£9.50)
-Orly Nail Laquer (Ruby) ...was so excited about this first time testing Orly :)-(£6.95)
-Weleda one step Cleanser and Toner -(£9.95)
-FAB gentle body wash -(£13.00)
-Murad skin perfecting primer -(£29.00) 
and the sweet was so cute i don't want to eat it Lool  x

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Lets Get Creative :D

I now spend more time at home and have more free time on my hands to i have taken the opportunity to get more creative and have recently taken up polymer clay and started making bracelets mainly sweet wrapper bracelets. 

Valentines day look...Inspired by Cher Lloyd "want u back"

Products Used

Urban decay primer potion (sin)
2 purples from MUA (poptasic) palette
Dark brown from my BeaytyUK palette (4)
17 liquid liner 
Sleek kajal eyeliner
Nouveau Lashes Mascara 

Mac Studio Sculpt concealer (nw35)
Beauty Benifts mineral foundation 
Sleek face contour (Medium)
Natural collection (Sweet cheeks) blush 
Fashionista Mattafying Primer

BeautyUk lipstick (snob 3)