Monday, 26 March 2012

Just a Lil Haul

 Crystal- Very build-able
Charmed- Very build-able


My 5 minute make up Challenge

Really didn't want to use this camera very old but other Samsung is not working so had to make do .. but the camera quality is so bad that the blusher and lipstick look so prominent and bright
DEFFO gonna redo ....but i did put some pix in at the end so you could see the true colours x

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Mini Haul

All this was a steal there was a bargain section on all Gosh things i didn't get a good look but all of this was £2 each :o and the nail polishes were a want of mine for ages :D x

Etude nail polish been wanting to get my hands on this soooo bad .. and the person i brought it off on ebay was super nice, she gave me some cute stickers (probs wont use them but such a nice gesture) and a handmade hand written card (how cute) and a note ... plus the bubble wrap had little pieces of paper with thank you on it ... everything was just so sweet

The gosh Rainbow fleck on its own
 Etude on its own and with rainbow on top ( should of waited for the etude to dry before putting rainbow on top)
 Golden dragon on its own and with rainbow on top

 Dotting tools (AT LAST) 99p -ebay
 Nyx jumbo pencil milk £4.99 -BeautyFragrance
Key Necklace £3.15- Forever21
 Cross earring £3 - River island
Unicorn earrrings £7.50- Topshop
Feather necklace £2 from £12.50 -Topshop (Bad pic)

Saturday, 17 March 2012

2 Notw!!

Sorry both were taken a few days after being painted so they look a little tattered and chipped.

Possibly 2 mini hauls coming up x

INKwear Review

 So Inkwear is a online website that offers temp tattoos all gorgeous and offer so many different variety and styles which range between £2 -£5 so quite cheap .... First off i only choose 2 which were the Nicole Richie's rosary beads for my foot and  a key for my wrist because i am having similar tattoos in those places i wanted to see if i would like the placement (babbling) anywhoo they also gave me 2 Rhianna "shhh" tattoos whether accidentally or on purpose  the tattoos are gorgeous and i'm glad they were in there. I also have to mention the delivery was really good was only 2 days and was free :o 

 On the back of the card that is comes on (Btw packaging is really nice) is had the tattoos life span on how long they would last on certain parts of your body
 So with all the built up joy i was really dissapointed with the tattoos i cut it out (as shown)
stuck it on wet it with cotton wool and left it for 20 seconds as told to...
 and this as the result very shiny and you could see the clear erm...(whatever its called) just very fake looking

 So its a little bit annoying i had to take out alot of time to cut very close to the tattoo but it paid off i thought the extra time was worth it, it looked really good and in person couldn't tell it was fake ...
 But i did this around 1am and showered just b4 so that i didn't have to shower in the morning for the purpose of the review and it did fade a little after i woke up but i wasn't to dissapointed but doing minimal activity didn't do my hair didn't shower after applying it and did no housework yet some how around 30 mins after waking up i looked at my hand and i just had a black blob
 So unless the tattoo was just for a few hours and you can take time out to make it look good i wouldn't repurchase was worth a try thou.