Monday, 18 July 2011

Mini haul

 I got these few little items that i wouldn't have really blogged about but knowing that i got most of these on a deal i thought it was worth spreading the word i'll start off with the mac studio sculpt concealer as there is nothing much to say it was just a re purchase but ...i got 2 lipliners, a liquid liner , kohl eyeliner and 2 nail polishes by "la colour" in a shop called beauty base it is a new to there shop everything was 99p they had a lot more than i managed to pick up including a range of quad eyeshadow palettes ...i was happy with everything except the black kohl eyeliner the colour pay off was rubbish. I also managed to pick up a new gel eyeliner and mascara by "17" these have only recently came out and right now if you buy the mascara you get the gel liner FREE .. :D .. ok so firstly i was not happy with the mascara the brush is amazing, its huge and does coat all the lashes but my mascara came near enuff empty and im guessing i just had a faulty mascara but as i only brought 1 i cant really say either way i wasn't too impressed ... but with the negatives out the way i do get a really good build able coat of mascara and i think i'll give it another chance so that i can give it more of an honest review. The gel liner on the other hand is amazing so soft and creamy it just glides on and the tub it comes in looks a lil similar to the mac studio sculpt concealer tubs ..not a bad word to say about it and for both (obvs gel liner free) was around £6. The last thing i brought has only just came out and is in limited stores and that is the "barry m" bold black waterproof eyeliner is my favourite buy out of everything ..its so black and it just glides on ...and personally i think its quite similar to the urban decay 24/7 eyeliner in zero ...i just love love love it x

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