Wednesday, 2 November 2011

17 Matte Top Coat: Review

I'm aware Matte Top Coats have been out for a while but i never really felt the need to get 1 until now. Because they are so awesome for the Autumn/Winter Time! :D x .... P.S in the following pictures please dont watch my granny fingers ... they were cut Very short For a different product review purpose (which will be coming soon)
Nice size bottle and Only £3.99

 Without the Top Coat

 With The Top Coat on... 
The pictures doesn't do it much justice but it is sooo awesome very Matte almost a frost finish :S (If that makes sense)... I LovED it ... But i slowly became more and more disappointed with the product, it doesn't stay very Matte For long after about an hour or so Some shine starts to Re-appear and as the Hours, Minutes and seconds go by it becomes even Less Matte than before ....The shine isn't as intense and a normal polish on its own with out the Matte Top Coat but isnt the Amazing Matte Finish i fell in love with wen i put it On ... Don't get Me wrong its not a terrible product, i don't hate it i was just a little let down. 
For the price it isn't Too bad and it dries almost instantly but i would say it was worth looking around at others before settling for this one x
 Both of the nail Polishes i was wearing x

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