Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Review: CurlFormers

This Review is Long over due ...i Bought this product ages ago but just didn't get around to doing a review.
These are my Curl Formers Which are in Extra long & Wide and come in a packet of 40 and Cost £45. They also come in: Long & Wide
                               Long & Extra wide
                               Long & Narrow
                               Short & Wide
                               Short & Narrow
The Whole point of this product is to achieve a curl created by no heat. (Which it does)
You use the product on damp hair, apply the Curl Former to the wand and attach a piece of hair in the hook, pull out the wand and the Curl Former will stay attached to your hair. It will probably be easier to use if your hair is naturally straight  but as my hair is unruly curls it was a little hard to begin with as some of my hair would wrap around the hook but twisting the root and then putting it into the hook helped a lot. It took around 40 minutes which some people may find long but it takes me around an Hour and 45mins to straighten my hair and i think if you hair is shorter, thinner, and/or straighter than mine then it wouldn't take as long. I slept on mine over night and took it out in the morning (Which i wont lie...was quite uncomfortable) but u could wear them through the day and take them out after a few hours or you could also use a hair dryer (if you wanted)

After you take off the Curl Formers your Left with very Tight Curls, It leaves your hair so shiny and SUPER soft :o (I was seriously surprised)
 You can leave the Curls as they are, separate them with your fingers or brush out for bigger, voluminous curls .....I separated mine with my fingers ....but didn't take a pic sorry x

Overall i LOVE this Product the only negative about this is that its quite uncomfortable to sleep in (I'll figure out something thou) :P x

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