Thursday, 2 February 2012

My GlossyBox Finally Arrived!!

Sorry the pix aren't  great I took it on my I Pod I didn't really spend to much time on them as everyone blogs on their glossy box and will get more recognition than this post.

I tend not to post about my glossy box as there's enough posts out there and most glossy boxes tend to be near enough the same ... but reading other peoples posts about there glossy box mine was a little different than most and I'm VERY happy about that.

So i recieved.....
-Eyeko Skinny eyeliner (Emerald Green)-(£9.50)
-Orly Nail Laquer (Ruby) ...was so excited about this first time testing Orly :)-(£6.95)
-Weleda one step Cleanser and Toner -(£9.95)
-FAB gentle body wash -(£13.00)
-Murad skin perfecting primer -(£29.00) 
and the sweet was so cute i don't want to eat it Lool  x


  1. Ooh I like that you got an Orly polish with yours (wish I had that lol), I'm 50/50 with this box.

  2. This is so cool! I wish we had such a service in my country <3