Friday, 2 March 2012

Blak out

 Sorry for the quality of these pictures i was just messing around with make up wasn't planning on making it a blog post...
But i ended up liking it .. its clearly not to everyone's taste but i really like it.. if i was to wear it out i would probably make the wing shorter but i like it either way
Im normally a very simple neutral kinda girl so i just thought ill post something a lil more daring and dramatic ....
The focus is on the eyes so the rest of the face is neutral.
p.s sorry for the eyebrow in the first pic :P


  1. I've been trying to recreate the winged eyeshadow effect! You did it perfectly :))

  2. You look so pretty, it fits you very well! I tried the black eyeshadow one time but I was looking like a zombie lol I guess it's because I'm not as talented as you :/

    1. Aww thnk u ...loool i wish every nail, outfit or make up post u do is flawless x

  3. Hello there! :) Nice post. I would also like to inform you that I awarded you in my blog. Please go check it out. Thnx girl!