Friday, 20 April 2012

What makes you beautiful?

Plastic surgery..whats your view? ...When i think plastic surgery i think of T.O.W.I.E, PlayBoy and The Craze among Celebrities. 
Me personally i don't have a problem with plastic surgery ...but i don't think that everything should be fake i do think there is a limit ..but if you feel better after than u did before then i feel its ok as long as your happy with it.

Obviously plastic surgery can go wrong .. but the less you have done the less percentage of something going wrong and i think along as you know something could go wrong you have to out weight the benefits or cons.

In no way shape or form am i saying everyone should have something done nor am i trying to persuade anyone's view and i defiantly see plastic surgery as a last option to gain confidence  but i was just interested to hear other opinions.


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  2. I think plastic surgery is ok when you want to change one or two things on you but beyond this it becomes too much that's just my opinion.

  3. I think whatever makes you feel batter in your skin, and if you are confident enough, go for it :)
    never too the extreme though, it has the opposite change!

    I actually didn't know Holly Madison looked like that before... subtlemaybe not her breast) but she still looks great!

    great blogpost! :D

  4. I actually did a post last year that is similar to this:

    Personally, I am not for plastic surgery unless it is for health reasons; I think people need to learn to love the skin their in.