Thursday, 12 July 2012

First Thoughts x

 Barry M Chameleon Nail polish 
I Love this Product it changes colour after you put on a clear nail polish and could so pretty with time i cant review it as i only swatched it for the blog but it is so opaque u only need 1 coat and it dries really fast.

 I was really hesitant on getting this palette because i just didn't think it was anything extraordinary just golds and silvers didn't blow me away .. but it being new i caved ... i don't regret buying it thou with an exception of 2 gold colours (The last 1 on the top row and the 2nd in the bottom) i love it the colours are so creamy and have such a nice depth to them they apply so smoothly and the colours are so universal .. suit every season and day or night.

I love this palette all the colours are gorgeous .. and i know that there are a lot of people comparing this to the naked palette but i don't own it so i cant have an opinion but like always creamy eye shadows glide on smoothly my only disappointment are the 2 matte browns that don't really show up on my skin colour :(

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  1. The nail polish seems pretty cool. I will have to make sure I look for that brand of polish and try it out.